Fay refraischir mon vin de sorte…

To France in the mid 16th century and Pierre de Ronsard, who, along with Joachim du Bellay, founded the Pleiade group of poets to revitalise French poetry. This is an ode, short, simple and perfectly charming. To be enjoyed with a large glass of wine, to really get into the spirit of the poem.

FAY refraischir mon vin de sorte
Qu’il passe en froideur un glacon:
Fay venir Janne, qu’elle apporte
Son luth pour dire une chanson:
Nous ballerons tous trois au son:         5
Et dy à Barbe qu’elle vienne
Les cheveux tors à la façon
D’une follastre Italienne.
Ne vois tu que le jour se passe?
Je ne vy point au lendemain:         10
Page, reverse dans ma tasse,
Que ce grand verre soit tout plain.
Maudit soit qui languit en vain:
Ces vieux Medecins je n’appreuve:
Mon cerveau n’est jamais bien sain,         15
Si beaucoup de vin ne l’abreuve.

From <http://www.bartleby.com/244/65.html&gt;

Wine, women, music and song – what better, happier theme for a poet, echoing Omar Khayam many centuries later. The poet wants to live in the moment with a glass of wine in his hand, surrounded by pretty girls and with music and dancing. This is a simple poem, with a simple message, but with universal appeal.

The form is traditional. 16 lines with alternate rhymes. The French spelling is slightly archaic to a modern eye, but perfectly understandable and it even lends an additional charm to the piece, completely unintended by the poet of course..

So, a piece of elegant, light entertainment, playful and appealing to all.


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