Erase un hombre a un nariz pegado

To change the tone from yesterday’s poem, here is one of Quevedo’s comic poems, celebrating a nose of epic proportions. Maybe contemporary readers would know or guess who he was describing. The first line, “there was a man attached to a nose” sets the tone of comic disbelief.


Érase un hombre a una nariz pegado,
érase una nariz superlativa,
érase una nariz sayón y escriba,
érase un pez espada muy barbado.

Érase un reloj de sol mal encarado,
érase un alquitara pensativa,
érase un elefante boca aariba,
era Ovidio Nasón mas narizado.

Érase un espolón de una galera,
érase una pirámide de Egipto,
las doce tribus de narices era.

Érase un naricísimo infinito,
muchísima nariz, nariz tan fiera,
que en la cara de Anás fuera delito.


There follows a series of comparisons to illustrate the size of the nose in question. It is a very simple poem, in sonnet form, it just makes you chuckle over the different ways the poet can describe a huge nose. I particularly like “it was an elephant lying face-up”, ” it was a pyramid from Egypt” and “it was the 12 tribes of noses”.

Maybe Quevedo was describing his own nose…

The Poetry Dude


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