Del rumor cadencioso de la onda

Rosalia de Castro, post-romantic poet from Galicia in northwest Spain, uses images of nature to reinforce human feelings and emotions. There is in her poetry a deep appreciation of the beauty and wildness of the natural world, allied with a melancholy of human disappointment and disillusion.

This is a very short poem in which the sounds of nature bring consolation to human sorrow and suffering.

Del rumor cadencioso de la onda
y el viento que muge;
del incierto reflejo que alumbra
la selva o la nube;
del piar de alguna ave de paso;
del agreste ignorado perfume
que el céfiro roba
al valle o a la cumbre,
mundos hay donde encuentran asilo
las almas que al peso
del mundo sucumben.

From <;

Enough said – when you got the blues get out and listen the birds sing and watch the clouds in the sky…

The Poetry Dude


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