Quand vous vouldrez faire une Amye

Clement Marot is one of the most consistently playful of poets. He always seems to be having fun, both with his subjects and with his witty use of words and rhymes. Today’s poem is one of his songs and it consists of advice on what features to look for when taking a lover – advice we all probably need.

Chanson XXIV

Quand vous vouldrez faire une Amye,
Prenez la de belle grandeur,
En son Esprit non endormie,
Et son Tetin bonne rondeur,
En cueur,
Bien sage,
Dansant, chantant par bons accords,
Et ferme de Cueur, et de Corps.

Si vous la prenez trop jeunette,
Vous en aurez peu d’entretien:
Pour durer prenez la brunette
En bon point, d’asseuré maintien.
Tel bien
Vault bien
Qu’on fasse
La Chasse
Du plaisant Gibier amoureux:
Qui prend telle Proye, est heureux.

From <http://www.clementmarot.com/chansons.htm&gt;

The advice includes council on physical features – tall, round breasts -; attitude – gentle in heart and speech; talents – can dance and sing well; character – firm of heart and body.

If you choose a very young lover, you won’t need to spend as much; choose a brunette. If you find someone with all these qualities, she will be worth hunting for, and if you can catch her, you will be happy.

I hope young Marot was as good as his word; and his poems probably served him well to get amorous success. Good for him.

It is fun to read such good-humoured and lighthearted poetry.

The Poetry Dude


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