Recap of first 100 poems on this blog

I have posted 100 poems in the first 100 days of this blog, so I am sticking to my objective of a poem a day It is fun picking them out and writing a few things about them, although some days are harder than others. So what kind of poems are showing up here?

First of all, I am still focussing on poems in English, French and Spanish, which are the languages which are accessible to me, and which are the ones where I have some volumes of poetry on my bookshelves. I realise this leaves out many great poets from other traditions, but since poetry in translation usually doesn’t work very well, I think we have to settle for this. There may be the odd poem in Catalan or Galician which will come in, but no Italians, Germans, Latins, Greeks, Chinese or Japanese.

After I had posted 50 poems, I listed the top 5 in terms of the number of times they had been viewed. Here is that top 5 updated for the first 100 poems (actually it comes out at 6 poems) :

1. Clement Marot – “A Une Damoyselle Malade”, from 16th century France (blog post Oct 12, 2014)
2=. TS Eliot – “Hysteria”, from 20th century England (blog post Nov 19, 2014)
2=. Siegfried Sassoon – “The General”, from 20th century England (blog post Oct 5, 2014)
4=. Pierre de Ronsard – “Bel aubepin”, from 16th century France (blog post Dec 5, 2014)
4=. Rosalia de Castro – ” Del rumor cadencioso de la onda”, from 19th century Spain (blog post Dec 7, 2014)
4=. Francis Jammes – ” J’aime dans les temps Clara d’Ellebeuse”, from 20th century France (blog post Dec 18, 2014)
To get to 100 poems, I have chosen from the works of 39 poets, plus some anonymous medieval ballads from Spain. Of the 39, 18 are writing in English, 11 in French and 10 in Spanish.

In terms of the number of poems in each language, I find that English poems come top, with 41, then 31 in Spanish and 28 in French.
In terms of when these poems were written, here is the distribution by century:

15th – 3 poets, 7 poems
16th – 7 poets, 19 poems
17th – 5 poets, 15 poems
18th -1 poet, 2 poems
19th – 8 poets, 19 poems
20th – 16 poets, 38 poems

And since I have now posted several poems by most of the poets featured, I have compiled the top 10 poets, in terms of the numbers of views for all their poems combined, posted so far. Here it is:

1. Clement Marot
2. TS Eliot
3. Pierre de Ronsard
4. Siegfried Sassoon
5. Luis de Gongora
6. Rosalia de Castro
7. Antonio Machado
8. Dylan Thomas
9. Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz
10. Marc-Antoine Girard de Saint-Amant

And finally, I’ll give a shout-out for the one poet whose poem has so far got zero views – Langston Hughes, with his poem “Morning After”, posted on November 14th, 2014. Well worth checking out.

As always, please feel free to send me any comments or suggestions to, or, of course, you can post comments directly on the site.

The Poetry Dude


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