Tant que vivray en aage florissant,

Here is a nice love poem from a poet in love, apparently. The poems of Clement Marot are rarely dark or gloomy, they are usually sunny and upbeat and this is no exception. Being in love makes the poet happy, and why not? A poem to be enjoyed in every way

Tant que vivray en aage florissant,
Je serviray Amour le Dieu puissant,
En faict, et dictz, en chansons, et accords.
Par plusieurs jours m’a tenu languissant,
Mais apres dueil m’a faict resjouyssant,
Car j’ay l’amour de la belle au gent corps.
Son alliance
Est ma fiance:
Son cueur est mien,
Mon cueur est sien:
Fy de tristesse,
Vive lyesse,
Puis qu’en Amours a tant de bien.

Quand je la veulx servir, et honnorer,
Quand par escriptz veulx son nom decorer,
Quand je la voy, et visite souvent,
Les envieulx n’en font que murmurer,
Mais nostre Amour n’en sçauroit moins durer:
Aultant ou plus en emporte le vent.
Maulgré envie
Toute ma vie
Je l’aymeray,
Et chanteray:
C’est la premiere,
C’est la derniere,
Que j’ay servie, et serviray.

From <http://esdocs.org/docs/index-69136.html&gt;

The poem has two stanzas and in each stanza the lines get shorter in the second half of the stanza, with the accelerating rhythm conveying the growing excitement of the poet as he recounts the ways he is in love.

In the first stanza there is a passing reference to the sufferings of being in love, but it only takes one line (the fourth line), and after that the poem does nothing but express the joy and happiness of being in love, and proclaiming it will last forever (until the next love comes along, presumably).

The love is reciprocated (“Mon cueur est sien”), the girl is beautiful (“la belle au gent corps”), and everyone is envious (“Les envieulx n’en font que murmurer”) – what more could the poet want? This is a happy poem from a happy man.

The Poetry Dude


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