Who has not seen their lover

Frances Cornford, granddaughter of Charles Darwin and mother of poet John Cornford, wrote this poem on the emotions of seeing a lover walking down the street. “The Avenue” is a short poem to capture the particular emotion of a particular moment, but it sets out to have universal connection to anybody who has been in love.

The Avenue

Who has not seen their lover
Walking at ease,
Walking like any other
A pavement under trees,
Not singular, apart,
But footed, featured, dressed,
Approaching like the rest
In the same dapple of the summer caught;
Who has not suddenly thought
With swift surprise:
There walks in cool disguise,
There comes, my heart.

…..The Avenue by Frances Cornford (1886-1960)

From <http://www.helpself.com/love-poems/poem-8o.htm&gt;

What this poem does so elegantly is connect a banal everyday moment – someone watching other people walk down the street or avenue – with the magical experience of being in love. Just the fact that the loved one is in the observer’s field of vision transforms the scene and the experience into one of joy, fulfillment and wonder. The state of being in love has made the scene into a heart-warming and uplifting moment.

This for me is one of the beauties of poetry – it can bring us back to a state of wonder and appreciation of small moments, everyday experiences and fleeting moments which we ignore most of the time. Poetry and beauty are all around if we could just be open to it.

The Poetry Dude


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