Ou sont nos amoureuses

Here is a somewhat enigmatic poem from Gerard de Nerval, called Les Cydalises. Certainly the title is mysterious, perhaps a made up word by the poet, perhaps a very obscure classical reference. The body of the poem itself describes the fate of abandoned lovers gone to heaven, presumably having died of grief.

In heaven, the lovers are transformed into angels singing the praise of the mother of God. Their earthly sufferings relieved by having gone to heaven, their light can shine again in eternity.

Les cydalises

Gérard de Nerval
Où sont nos amoureuses?
Elles sont au tombeau :
Elles sont plus heureuses,
Dans un séjour plus beau
Elles sont près des anges,
Dans le fond du ciel bleu,
Et chantent les louanges
De la mère de Dieu!
O blanche fiancée!
0 jeune vierge en fleur!
Amante délaissée,
Que flétrit la douleur!
L’éternité profonde
Souriait dans vos yeux…
Flambeaux éteints du monde,
Rallumez-vous aux cieux!

From <http://www.wikipoemes.com/poemes/gerard-de-nerval/les-cydalises.php&gt;

A good poem to send to a former girl friend after a break-up perhaps.

The Poetry Dude


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