La guitarra

The Spanish guitar is deeply rooted in the culture and art of Andalusia in Southern Spain, which was Garcia Lorca’s home, and which inspired much of his poetry. Think of flamenco guitar, but also classical gutiar music by such as Albeniz or Rodrigo. Listening to these you should be able to close your eyes and be transported to a shady patio in Seville on a hot summer’s evening. Here is FGL’s tribute to the six strings…

Las Seis Cuerdas

La guitarra
hace llorar a los sueños.
El sollozo de las almas
se escapa por su boca
Y como la tarántula,
teje una gran estrella
para cazar suspiros,
que flotan en su negro
aljibe de madera.

Federico García Lorca

From <;

The imagery used by the poet here makes me think most of the raw emotional power of flamenco – built around the guitar, but also including the gut-wrenchingly emotional singing, the intense rhythmic dancing and the virtuosity of clapping and percussion. This can indeed make your dreams weep and appear like the sighs of lost souls. And you can lose yourself totally in the experience, as if you were caught in a tarantula’s web.

The Poetry Dude


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