Quiero escribir, y el llanto no me deja,

Here is a sonnet from Lope de Vega, the Spanish Shakespeare and one of the most prolific dramatists and poets of Spain’s Golden Age. Somewhat surprisingly, in view of his great output, the poem is about the difficulty of writing. Thankfully, Lp[e got over the difficulty to compose this sonnet.

Lope de Vega

Quiero escribir

Quiero escribir, y el llanto no me deja,
pruebo a llorar, y no descanso tanto,
vuelvo a tomar la pluma, y vuelve el llanto,
todo me impide el bien, todo me aqueja.

Si el llanto dura, el alma se me queja,
si el escribir, mis ojos, y si en tanto
por muerte o por consuelo me levanto,
de entrambos la esperanza se me aleja.

Ve blanco al fin, papel, y a quien penetra
el centro deste pecho que enciende
le di (si en tanto bien pudieres verte),

que haga de mis lágrimas la letra,
pues ya que no lo siente, bien entiende,
que cuanto escribo y lloro, todo es muerte.

From <http://www.poemas-del-alma.com/lope-de-vega-quiero-escribir.htm&gt;

The tension described in this poem is between sorrowful emotion and the act of writing. The emotion is necessary to inspire the poem, but its effect is to overwhelm, the poet and prevent him putting pen to paper. The sheet of paper remains blank unless the words spring directly from the poet’s tears. Somewhat melodramatically, the only way out seems to be death, bringing an end to both the crying and the urge to write. Thankfully, Lope did get this down before he met his end.

The Poetry Dude

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