Recap of first 200 poems on this blog

As I have done previously, after posting, 50, 100 and 150 poems, this post is to take stock of the poems set out here after keeping to my schedule of posting a poem a day for 200 days, now. My aim is to keep this up for one year, 365 poems, after which I will likely take a pause.

All the poems and poets are known to me, appreciated by me, and, in many cases, connected to places or experiences I have had. Tha might be why some well-known poets have not shown up on this site, because I personally am not very familiar with them. Victor Hugo perhaps, or Lord Byron….

The most popular poems so far, in terms of the number of times they have been viewed by visitors to this blog, are as follows. The list is now quite similar to that which emerged after 150 poems, although there are some changes in the order and a couple of new entries.

1. Clement Marot – “A Une Damoyselle Malade”, from 16th century France (blog post Oct 12, 2014)
2. Siegfried Sassoon – “The General”, from 20th century England (blog post Oct 5, 2014)
3. Pierre de Ronsard – “Bel aubepin”, from 16th century France (blog post Dec 5, 2014)
4. TS Eliot – “Hysteria”, from 20th century England (blog post Nov 19, 2014)
5. Christina Rossetti- ” Song”, from 19th century England (blog post Jan 6, 2015)
6. Paul Verlaine- “Mon rêve familier”, from 19th century France (blog post Dec 2, 2014)
7. Francis Jammes – “J’aime dans les temps Clara d’Ellébeuse” from 19th century France (blog post Dec 18, 2014)
8. Antonio Machado, “A un olmo seco”, from 20th century Spain (blog post Dec 31, 2014)
9. Francisco de Quevedo, “Definicion del Amor”, from 17th century Spain (blog post Jan 4th 2015)
10. Marc-Antoine Girard de Saint-Amant – “La Pipe”, from 17th century France (blog post Jan 21, 2015)

To get to 200 poems, I have so far chosen from the works of 48 named poets, plus some anonymous medieval ballads from Spain and Ireland. Of the 48, 18 wrote in English, 16 in French and 14 in Spanish . ( I include Galician and Catalan verse in the Spanish category)

In terms of the number of poems in each language, English poems come top, with 68, then 66 in Spanish and 66 in French.
In terms of when these poems were written, here is the distribution by century:

9th: 1 poet, 1 poem
12th: 1 poet, 1 poem
14th: 1 poet, 1 poem
15th – 3 poets, 15 poems
16th – 9 poets, 42 poems
17th – 5 poets, 25 poems
18th -1 poet, 3 poems
19th – 9 poets, 39 poems
20th – 19 poets, 73 poems

And once again I have compiled the top 10 poets, in terms of the numbers of views for all their poems combined, posted so far.

1. Francisco de Quevedo
2. Pierre de Ronsard
3. Clement Marot
4. Antonio Machado
5. TS Eliot
6. Gerard de Nerval
7. WB Yeats
8. Rosalia de Castro
9. Siegfried Sassoon
10. Marc-Antoine Girard de Saint-Amant

There will be another recap after 250 poems, so please keep those comments coming.

The Poetry Dude


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