Déjà les beaux jours, – la poussière,

Since we are in the middle of April, why not a poem about April and the onset of spring. This is by Gerard de Nerval, and is a short poem, but not a sonnet.


Déjà les beaux jours, – la poussière,
Un ciel d’azur et de lumière,
Les murs enflammés, les longs soirs ; –
Et rien de vert : – à peine encore
Un reflet rougeâtre décore
Les grands arbres aux rameaux noirs !
Ce beau temps me pèse et m’ennuie.
– Ce n’est qu’après des jours de pluie
Que doit surgir, en un tableau,
Le printemps verdissant et rose,
Comme une nymphe fraîche éclose
Qui, souriante, sort de l’eau.

Gérard de Nerval, Odelettes

From <http://www.poetica.fr/poeme-1220/gerard-de-nerval-avril/&gt;

Paradoxically, the description of the weather in the first few lines seems more like the height of summer than the early spring – dusty days, blue skies, sunlit walls, long evenings, but the trees are not yet green. So this is an unpredictable, unreliable time of year – the poet’s reaction is one of perplexity and disappointment. He is waiting for the April rains which will bring forth the greenery and the freshness which characterises spring, or should characterise it.

As befits a poet in the romantic tradition, the poem finishes with the ideal of spring personified as a nymph emerging from the water with a smile. There are paintings like that..

The Poetry Dude

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