Zephire a bien raison d’estre amoureux de Flore ; 

400 or so years before Cole Porter got around to it, here is a poem by Saint-Amant celebrating Paris in the spring. Or to be more exact, the spring around or near Paris. But in fact , despite the title, this could be anywhere at any time, it is a celebration of spring with universal appeal and meaning. And written in that universally appealing format, the sonnet.

Marc-Antoine Girard de SAINT-AMANT   (1594-1661)

Le printemps des environs de Paris

Zephire a bien raison d’estre amoureux de Flore ;
C’est le plus bel objet dont il puisse jouyr ;
On voit à son eclat les soins s’esvanouyr,
Comme les libertez devant l’oeil que j’adore.

Qui ne seroit ravy d’entendre sous l’aurore
Les miracles volans qu’au bois je viens d’ouyr !
J’en sens avec les fleurs mon coeur s’espanouyr,
Et mon luth negligé leur veut respondre encore.

L’herbe sousrit à l’air d’un air voluptueux;
J’apperçoy de ce bord fertile et tortueux
Le doux feu du soleil flatter le sein de l’onde.

Le soir et le matin la Nuict baise le Jour ;
Tout ayme, tout s’embraze, et je croy que le monde
Ne renaist au printemps que pour mourir d’amour.


From <http://poesie.webnet.fr/lesgrandsclassiques/poemes/marc_antoine_girard_de_saint_amant/le_printemps_des_environs_de_paris.html&gt;

The first line depicts Zephyr, the gentle spring breeze, falling in love with Flora, the spring flowers, personifying two of the outward signs that spring is here. The flowers are the most beautiful objects to be seen and all cares fall away.

The second stanza evokes the uplifting influence of the birds and the flowers of spring, lifting up the poet’s heart and inspiring him to take put his lute and play.

The final six lines reinforce all that has gone before and lead to climax that spring is the season for love, and all is right with the world. It’s a bit like that scene in Disney’s Bambi where all the woodland animals come out to frolic and play.

We are in spring right now, so let’s get inspired by this poem.

The Poetry Dude


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