Some thirty inches from my nose

WH Auden could be whimsical, ironic, full of pathos, or comic. Here is comically challenging and aggressive, sending a warning to his critics – “Don’t get in my way or I’ll spit in your eye…’ There is a 30 inch danger zone in front of the poet’s face, so beware anybody who gets too close. Although the poet has no gun he has a weapon just as effective, so watch out world.

I Have No Gun, But I Can Spit

Some thirty inches from my nose
The frontier of my Person goes,
And all the untilled air between
Is private pagus or demesne.
Stranger, unless with bedroom eyes
I beckon you to fraternize,
Beware of rudely crossing it:
I have no gun, but I can spit.

From <,But-I-Can-Spit&gt;

I’d better not say or write any more about this, or I may need to wipe my face…

The Poetry Dude


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