There is but one May in the year, 

As we are still in the month of May when this poem is posted, here is a short seasonal poem from Christina Rossetti, giving a somewhat different perspective on “the darling buds of May”.

There Is But One May In The Year

There is but one May in the year,
And sometimes May is wet and cold;
There is but one May in the year
Before the year grows old.
Yet though it be the chilliest May,
With least of sun and most of showers,
Its wind and dew, its night and day,
Bring up the flowers.

Christina Georgina Rossetti

From <;

So yes, there is only one month of May in the year, the height of spring in the northern hemisphere, when all of nature should be bursting with renewal, growth, optimism and joy. But the poet reminds us that May can be wet and cold, chilly and rainy (remember she lived in England), so not every day can feed our fantasies of spring. Even so, the poem finishes on an upbeat note – despite the vagaries of the weather and the dampeners on the springtime mood, the flowers will come.

A short and simple poem, but well worth spending some time with, especially in this month of May.

The Poetry Dude


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