Warm your feet at the sunset

Here is a slight, inconsequential poem from Adrian Henri, but an agreeable fragment of whimsy nonetheless. Love on a galactic scale, guided by the stars in a literal sense. Maybe he was with his lover at night gazing up at the clear night sky…

I’m guessing this poem might have been written in the 1960s, when people everywhere were thrilled by the advances in the space programme which got men to the moon. Looking up at the sky must have been a much more common pastime than it seems to be today

Galactic Love poem

Warm your feet at the sunset
Before we go to bed
Read your book by the light of Orion
With Sirius guarding your head
Then reach out and switch off the planets
We’ll watch them go out one by one
You kiss me and tell me you love me
By the light of the last setting sun
We’ll both be up early tomorrow
A new universe has begun

Adrian Henri

From <http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/galactic-lovepoem/&gt;

I like that first line, “Warm your feet at the sunset”, it really captures the moment..

The Poetry Dude


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