Sing cuckóu, nou! Sing cuckóu!

This is as much a song as a poem. It comes from the mid-13th century, and is usually know either as the Cuckoo Song, or as Summer is i-comen in. It is still performed today by folk singers and the like

Sing cuckóu, nou! Sing cuckóu!
Sing cuckóu! Sing cuckóu nou!

Somer is y-comen in,
Loudë sing, cuckóu!
Growëth sed and blowëth med
And springth the wodë nou
Sing cuckóu!

Ewë bletëth after lamb,
Lowth after cálve cóu;
Bullok stertëth, bukkë vertëth,
Merye sing, cuckóu!
Cuckóu, cuckóu,

Wél singést thou, cuckóu,
Ne swik thou never nou!

From <;

The poem celebrates the arrival of summer by exhorting the cuckoo to sing and sing loud. Other lines of the poem call attention to growth of plants and trees, sheep with their lambs, cows with their calves, the bullock rampant – and all the time the cuckoo sings merrily.

On this You Tube you can hear it being sung

The Poetry Dude


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