Une goutte de pluie frappe une feuille sèche

Francis Jammes’ poem on a raindrop falling on a leaf, just as he poet’s lover’s tears fall on his heart. This is one of the reasons I read and appreciate poetry – it makes the connection between the seemingly insignificant, the tiny fragment of existence which would normally pass unnoticed and connects it to a deeper experience, to our human condition. This type of poem is a reminder that we should take the time to notice and appreciate the tiny details in our field of consciousness and realise everything is connected.

And apart from all that, this is a quite beautiful poem.

Une goutte de pluie …

Francis JAMMES
Recueil : “Clairières dans le ciel”
Une goutte de pluie frappe une feuille sèche,
lentement, longuement, et c’est toujours la même
goutte, et au même endroit, qui frappe et s’y entête…
Une larme de toi frappe mon pauvre cœur,
lentement, longuement, et la même douleur
résonne, au même endroit, obstinée comme l’heure.
La feuille aura raison de la goutte de pluie.
Le cœur aura raison de ta larme qui vrille :
car sous la feuille et sous le cœur, il y a le vide.

From <http://www.unjourunpoeme.fr/poeme/une-goutte-de-pluie&gt;

I love the repetition of words “goutte”, “frappe”, “lentement, longuement”, “meme”, “aura raison” which mirrors and reinforces the repetitive, relentless drip-drip of the raindrop and the teardrop. It takes a poet to find this kind of happy marriage between form, vocabulary and content.

The last line is a little surprising, particularly for Jammes who was known to be a practicing Catholic and who wrote some religious poetry. Did he really mean to say that there is nothing underlying the leaf, the heart and life itself?

The Poetry Dude

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