Tengo estos huesos hechos a las penas

Another poet from Andalusia today, a younger contemporary of Machado’s, who tragically died in prison under Franco some years after the end of the Spanish Civil War . But this is not a poem about war or about the terrible oppression of the Franco regime, rather it is poem about the torments of a person in love. In its subject matter and its style of composition it recalls the greats of the 17th century – Garcilaso, Quevedo or Gongora (or Shakepeare of course…). It is a sonnet.

Tengo estos huesos hechos a las penas
y a las cavilaciones estas sienes:
pena que vas, cavilación que vienes
como el mar de la playa a las arenas.

Como el mar de la playa a las arenas,
voy en este naufragio de vaivenes
por una noche oscura de sartenes
redondas, pobres, tristes y morenas.

Nadie me salvará de este naufragio
si no es tu amor, la tabla que procuro,
si no es tu voz, el norte que pretendo.

Eludiendo por eso el mal presagio
de que ni en ti siquiera habré seguro,
voy entre pena y pena sonriendo.

From <http://www.poesi.as/mh3410.htm&gt;

The poet is buffeted by torments and anxiety just like the tide coming in and going out from the beach. If it is not one thing it is the other and this is the experience of being in love. He is eternally shipwrecked in the seesaw of troubles in and endless night. Only the poet’s love can save him from more shipwreck, providing him with chart and a north star to navigate by. If she looks kindly on him, he will not avoid the dual tribulations of love, but at least he will endure then with a smile on his face.

Oh to be young and in love…

And here is a bonus for those interested in a different sort of poetry – in the opening weekend of EPL, check out this fabulous goal from Phillipe Coutinho against Stoke.

Philippe Coutinho scores solo wonder goal for Liverpool v Stoke



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