Qui no tinga a la finestra

A poem for this Sunday or any Sunday by Joan Maragall, the great Catalan poet from the turn of the 20th century. Sunday being the day when you can take a deep breath and appreciate the beauty of the world, realise your happiness and throw off the cares of the working week.

de Joan Maragall
Qui no tinga a la finestra
dos testos de flors germans,
un aucell dins d’una gàbia,
i un cor enamorat,
no sap lo que és benaurança
ni podrà saber-ho mai.
I a fe us dic que es bella cosa
el diumenge, al desvetlla’s
veure en les flors la rosada,
sentir l’aucell refilar
i per gaudir-lo amb l’aimia,
un jorn de festa al davant:
Amb l’aimia que us espera
abocada al finestral
amb el vestit dels diumenges
que es aquell de colors clars.

   Joan Maragall

From <http://elglobosblog.blogspot.com/2011/03/diumenge.html&gt;

This is a poem which celebrates the simple pleasures of awaking on a Sunday with flowers by the window, a bird singing in the gables and a heart full of love. This is indeed enough to bestow happiness, at least for the day when cares can be set aside. The first stanza sets out this scenario as a kind of theoretical set of conditions for happiness, saying that whoever can’t experience this must not be happy.

In the second stanza a very similar scenario is played out but this time the poet is at the center of the action – he is talking from personal experience and he adds more details – the waking, the dew on the flowers, the bird singing, and his lover alongside him leaning against the window – and they are wearing their bright Sunday best clothes, ready to take their happiness out into the world.

A poem of contentment and optimism indeed.

The Poetry Dude


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