Avila, Malaga, Caceres

This a poem of place names from all around Spain, from Miguel de Unamuno the philosopher-poet from the turn of the nineteenth t twentieth centuries. The places range from important cities to small villages and they are geographically dispersed across Castille, Andalucia, Aragon, Catalonia and Extremadura, very diverse major regions of Spain. So it is not their size or location that matters here, it is their sonority and phrasing. Note how many of them are accented to bring the emphasis to an unaccustomed segment of the vowel sequence. The poetry is in the sound.

Miguel de Unamuno

Ávila, Málaga, Cáceres,
Játiva, Mérida, Córdoba,
Ciudad Rodrigo, Sepúlveda,
Úbeda, Arévalo, Frómista,
Zumárraga, Salamanca,
Turégano, Zaragoza,
Lérida, Zamarramala
Arrancudiaga, Zamora.
Sois nombres de cuerpo entero,
libres, propios, los de nómina,
el tuétano intraductible
de nuestra lengua española.

From <http://lengua10.blogspot.com/2008/02/poemas-unamuno-vila-mlaga-cceres.html&gt;

The final four lines, after the first eight have listed the place names, 19 of them in total, explain the poet’s fascination and choice of these as fine, upstanding, essential examples of the Spanish language, a source of pride and appreciation.

The Poetry Dude

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