Ma bele douce amie

A simple and joyful love song from Colin Muset, written in the mid 1200s, when Muset made his living as an itinerant troubadour, visiting castles and great houses to sing and recite his work. This is a song to his beautiful and gentle lover, and full of charm it is.

Ma bele douce amie

Chanson, de Colin Muset

Ma bele douce amie,
La rose est espanie:
Desouz l’ente florie
La vostre conpaignie
M’I fet mult grant aie.
Vos serez beien servie
De crasse oe rostie
Et bevrons vin sus lie,
Si merrons bone vie.
Bele tres douce amie,
Colin Muset vos prie
Por Deu n’obliez mie
Solaz ne compagnie,
Amors ne druerie,
Si ferez cortoisie!
Ceste note est fenie.

Some things I like about this song – the direct, simple language, even if somewhat archaic now; the promise of a fat roast goose with good wine; the poet naming himself in the poem; and the final line drily declaring that the piece is now finished. Highly enjoyable…

The Poetry Dude


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