When Susanna Jones wears red

Here is a fine poem from Langston Hughes about the impact of a stunningly beautiful woman walking into the room. Her impact is magnified by wearing red, that most immediate of colours. A head-turner indeed…


When Sue Wears Red

When Susanna Jones wears red
her face is like an ancient cameo
Turned brown by the ages.
Come with a blast of trumpets, Jesus!

When Susanna Jones wears red
A queen from some time-dead Egyptian night
Walks once again.
Blow trumpets, Jesus!

And the beauty of Susanna Jones in red
Burns in my heart a love-fire sharp like a pain.
Sweet silver trumpets, Jesus!
Langston Hughes

From <http://www.poemhunter.com/poem/when-sue-wears-red/&gt;

The words of the poem speak for themselves. Who has not had a moment like this when you catch your breath at a living goddess approaching. The trumpets do indeed metaphorically blow, while Susanna feigns indifference to the reaction of all before her.

The Poetry Dude


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