Ahora de pueblo en pueblo

Leon Felipe’s poem, posted today, is about wandering from place to place from one life to the next, randomly, without a fixed point of return. Perhaps it is inspired by the years of his exile from Spain, following the Civil War of the 1930s, when he spent much of the rest of his life in the Americas, mainly in Mexico.

Ahora de pueblo en pueblo
Ahora de pueblo en pueblo
errando por la vida,
luego de mundo en mundo errando por el cielo
lo mismo que esa estrella fugitiva…
¿Después?… Después…
ya lo dirá esa estrella misma,
esa estrella romera
que es la mía,
esa estrella que corre por el cielo sin albergue
como yo por la vida

De: Versos y oraciones de caminante (I) 


From <http://www.palabravirtual.com/index.php?ir=ver_voz1.php&wid=2915&t=Ahora+de+pueblo+en+pueblo&p=Le%F3n+Felipe&o=Le%F3n+Felipe&gt;

The “ahora” in the first line – now, wandering from place to place – has a permanence about it, rather than referring to a moment as you might expect. The wandering goes on, and this is reinforced when the poet compares this to the wandering of a star across the sky. (Of course, we know that a star does not wander, it is the orbit of the earth around the sun which makes stars appear in different places in the night sky).

The poet wonders what comes next, and clearly there is no answer – like the star, he will go on wandering for ever, throughout life. You can imagine the poet’s homesickness and sense of loss of his own place which comes through in this poem

The Poetry Dude


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