Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches

I really like the scene portrayed in this short poem by Verlaine, a touching moment of the expression of love between two young lovers. Simple and touching… A good poem for the springtime when love and optimism is in the air.

(Paul Verlaine)


Voici des fruits, des fleurs, des feuilles et des branches
Et puis voici mon coeur qui ne bat que pour vous.
Ne le déchirez pas avec vos deux mains blanches
Et qu’à vos yeux si beaux l’humble présent soit doux.

J’arrive tout couvert encore de rosée
Que le vent du matin vient glacer à mon front.
Souffrez que ma fatigue à vos pieds reposée
Rêve des chers instants qui la délasseront.

Sur votre jeune sein laissez rouler ma tête
Toute sonore encor de vos derniers baisers ;
Laissez-la s’apaiser de la bonne tempête,
Et que je dorme un peu puisque vous reposez.

From <http://lyricstranslate.com/en/green-paul-verlaine-green.html&gt;

We can envision the poet out early in the morning to gather flowers and foliage to bring back to his lover, still asleep. He can think only of her, presumably after night of passion, which has now given way to tenderness. The poet thinks of his lovers gentle eyes welcoming him back with his floral offering.

In the second stanza it is as if we are with the poet in the cool morning air with fresh dew covering his face; he now wants to rest a while again with his lover – sleep with her again in loving togetherness.

Our equivalent today might be to go out early to Starbuck’s and bring back our lover’s favourite latte while she still sleeps – that can be romantic too.

The Poetry Dude


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