Dije: Todo ya pleno.

This wonderful poem by Jorge Guillen is to capture a moment when the world seems to stand still, when the poet is open to capture and appreciate the sights, sounds and smells of the world around him. It happens to be at 12 o’clock mid-day, but I think and hope we can all make this experience happen for ourselves at any hour – just stand still and let the beauty of the world raise our hearts and replenish our optimism.


Jorge Guillen

Dije: Todo ya pleno.

Un álamo vibró.

Las hojas plateadas

Sonaron con amor.

Los verdes eran grises,

El amor era sol.

Entonces, mediodía,

Un pájaro sumió

Su cantar en el viento

Con tal adoración

Que se sintió cantada

Bajo el viento la flor

Crecida entre las mieses,

Más altas. Era yo,

Centro en aquel instante

De tanto alrededor,

Quien lo veía todo

Completo para un dios.

Dije: Todo, completo.

¡Las doce en el reloj!

From <http://www.poemas-del-alma.com/jorge-guillen-las-doce-en-el-reloj.htm>

The key to the poem, for me at least, are the two expressions of plenitude, in the first line “Todo ya plenp” and in the next-to-last line, “Todo completo”. The poet is experiencing and communicating complete, transcendental harmony with his surroundings and nothing could conceivably add to the depth and beauty of his experience. He acknowledges of course that it is an entirely personal experience – in both cases, the phrase is preceded by “Dije” – I said. Each person has to be open to receive the beauty of the world, and this is also a reminder that we can all make ourselves open to this kind of experience.

The rest of the poem are the wonderfully and economically described examples of the beauties of nature which the poet becomes conscious of, this midday, using his heightened awareness – the willow tree gently shaking in the breeze, the silvery leaves changing in colour from green to grey as the light catches them in a different way, the bird singing as it flies in the wind. All these convey love, and it is with a sense of wonder that the poet realises that he is in the center of so much beauty and able to recognise and appreciate it. Like a god.

We should all take five minutes or so every day and just open up our senses to our surroundings, without reflection, without judgement, just to appreciate and become one with our world.

The power of poetry….

The Poetry Dude


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