La ginesta altre vegada,

Here is a poem from Joan Maragall in which he goes in for extreme nature-loving, transporting himself into physical raptures of pleasure upon finding a yellow broom tree (ginesta) while hiking up a hill. The yellow broom is considered a nationalist symbol by Catalan nationaists, so this probably goes a long way towards explaining the poet’s unbridled enthusiasm for the tree. Let’s assume so at any rate, rather than any one of the more bizarre possible explanations…



Joan Maragall


La ginesta altre vegada,

la ginesta amb tanta olor,

és la meva enamorada

que ve al temps de la calor.

Per a fer-li una abraçada

he pujat dalt del serrat:

de la primera besada

m’ha deixat tot perfumat.

Feia un vent que enarborava,

feia un sol molt resplendent:

la ginesta es regirava

furiosa al sol rient.

Jo la prenc per la cintura:

la tisora va en renou

desflorant tanta hermosura

fins que el cor me n’ha dit prou.

Amb un vimet que creixia

innocent a vora seu

he lligat la dolça aimia

ben estreta en un pom breu.

Quan l’he tinguda lligada

m’he girat de cara al mar…

M’he girat al mar de cara,

que brillava com cristall;

he aixecat el pom enlaire

i he arrencat a córrer avall.


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Bu whatever the motivation, the poem describes the poet climbing a hill to meet his lover, enjoying her scent, putting his arms around her and kissing her, tying a bouquet of the yellow flowers with a piece of ivy, turning to look at a view of the sea,  and then lifting it in the air to run back down the hill. And the lover is not a girl, it is the broom tree and its yellow flowers.


Nature can indeed have truly inspirational powers.


The Poetry Dude


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